Mickey’s Band Concert – 45 rpm Storage Box I Found… Check It Out!


This past Wednesday night, my daughter and I decided to visit some area thrift stores for vinyl record finds. We didn’t find any vinyl albums; however, my daughter did discover this Disney Mickey’s Band Concert 45 rpm storage box. This nifty box is made of vinyl and I’m guessing (until I do further research) that it’s from the 1960’s to early 1970’s.

I did find this exact 45 rpm storage box on ebay in near perfect condition and its price was $99.99 (US funds). The price I paid for my box was a (wow!!) $4.99 (US funds). Our box had some minor stains on it which I washed off very easily.

I will be using this Mickey’s Band Concert box for its intended purpose of storing 45 rpms with their respective sleeves. My daughter and I had fun treasure hunting at those thrift stores, that night. I hope your thrift store visits are successful too!

Please feel free to share your thrift store vinyl album and/or music related finds! Thank you for reading my story! – Larry

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