My 2 Favorite Neil Diamond Songs Are…

I was introduced to the songs of Neil Diamond growing up as a kid, thanks to my late mother.  My mother adored Neil Diamond and anytime one of his songs played on the AM radio dial, she would become the happiest person on Earth.  So it’s no wonder I do have my own favorite songs from this singing legend.

Neil Diamonds’ singing voice is like comfort food to me; there truly is no other singer that sounds like him. I believe he is one of the greatest songwriters and lyricists of Rock & Easy Listening history.

Not all of Neil Diamonds’ songs are upbeat, however. I remember buying my mother the 45 rpm of his 1978 duet with the iconic Barbara Striesand: “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”. Yes, that is a sad song! In later years, I purchased several Neil Diamond CDs for my mother. God rest her soul.

Here are two of my favorite Neil Diamond songs:


”Forever In Blue Jeans is an upbeat, blue-collar and honest song, to me. I’ve always loved the foot tapping swagger this song has!


”America” (from the 1980 movie soundtrack “The Jazz Singer”) is both patriotic and feel-good. This song gives me such deep appreciation to those immigrants of yesteryear that helped build America; as well as those immigrants that to this very day, come to my country to make a better life for themselves.

Thank you for reading my post and please share your favorite Neil Diamond songs! – Larry

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