Celebrating The Song is my blog that will do just that. My name is Stone and I want to share to the world, the songs that have inspired me throughout my journey of life. From Tom Jones to Rod Stewart, with Boz Scaggs, The Moody Blues and Melissa Etheridge in-between, too numerous and legendary vocalists/bands to name off have thrilled me, over the decades. Now it’s time to celebrate their songs through my interpretations and I am excited to begin!

I have collected a vast amount of music over my lifetime. From 8-tracks, cassettes, vinyl and CDs, my love for purchasing music shall never cease! The digital age has lured me in, of course; yet it’s the analog sound that I shall forever embrace.

I live in the wonderful Midwest in the Buckeye State and I am fifty years old. My family and friends mean more to me now than I could have ever imagined. There are songs that remind me of an array of moments I’ve experienced, throughout the decades. I’ve never been a person to attach a song to sad or negative moments; songs are too good for that, in my opinion. Everyone hears a song during the course of their day, wether it be from radio, a store’s background music, television, the internet or a bird living free in the skies. I invite you to visit Celebrating The Song as often as you wish and hopefully you can look forward to my content. May a song change your day for the better!  – Stone

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