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HEATWAVE “The Groove Line” – A Reflection On A Funk / Disco Classic


With their strong roots to Dayton, Ohio and that area’s pioneering Funk scene, Heatwave made their musical impact on both the record charts and within discotheques worldwide. As a youngster back in the latter ‘70’s, I owned Heatwave 45 rpms before I ever knew about the world of Hard Rock.

Heatwave had an international representation with their band members’ points of origin and sold multi-million records during an era when American Bandstand and Soul Train were showcasing the pioneers of R&Bs’, Funk and Disco. My favorite song from Heatwave will forever be “The Groove Line” which was featured on their second studio album from 1978: “Central Heating”.

Written by the late Rod Temperman (a one time Heatwave member), “The Groove Line” encompasses everything that’s delicious about a non-stop, funk driven and super groovy Disco era song! To this very day, this song never fails to cheer me up when I’m down or rev me up when I’m tired.

The rhythm and entire flow of “The Groove Line” is nothing short of Funktastic, IMO. A tried and true adrenaline boost Heatwave created here and I can’t be more real than that! Lastly, “The Groove Line” reminds me of going camping, with my family, to the Connecticut shoreline as a young lad. Good times, indeed. Thank you for reading my post here! Comments welcomed. – Larry Continue reading HEATWAVE “The Groove Line” – A Reflection On A Funk / Disco Classic